Get To Know Us

We started as a GameFi project, with the ambition to build a game with the latest blockchain technology, equipped with key features, well-thought-out tokenomics, sustainable tokens, and NFTs that will fill the void in other GameFi’s currently out in the market. As we journeyed along with the development, we saw the gaps within the cryptocurrency industry, and there we made the pledge, and there the question was “why stop at just GameFi?”. So, we shaped both our mindsets and business model to begin paving the way for a faster, low-cost, sustainable, and decentralised blockchain platform for new crypto projects to thrive. The blockchain community is a growing community with a lot of potential, we believe that there will always be new contributions to the industry. Be it, big or small, all contributions are crucial to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, the development of a sustainable and decentralised future that will benefit the current and future generations to come.
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Our Goal

Our goal is to build and develop an Infinite Verse, a fully-facilitated Blockchain ecosystem that will be optimised specifically for Blockchain gaming but with the capacity to provide a complete sustainable infrastructure for other multipurpose Blockchain projects to thrive and take leverage on. We see the future in the industry and we are aiming towards a decentralised Web 3.0 future with a DAO-Esque ecosystem where everyone can make a difference!


To develop a complete, sustainable and decentralised gaming infrastructure by incorporating modern technology such as VR, AI, and Web 3.0 into our Monsta Chain and Ecosystem


To instigate the evolution of a sustainable and decentralised multipurpose blockchain future.

Why Us?

Low Cost Entry

Our features are built to offer low-cost entry for all users

Monsta Chain

Optimized for blockchain gaming & user asset security

Infinite Verse

Sustainable blockchain infrastructure

Dual Token Economy

Utility of tokens separated for sustainability

Our Products

Monsta Wallet

A state-of-the-art non-custodial wallet built and constantly updated to keep all your Monsta assets safe and ready to be used in the Monsta ecosystem!

Monsta Bridge

A bridge specifically designed to bring your MONI and STT in and out of the Monsta Chain!

Monsta Chain

Proprietary Blockchain built to provide fast, secure, and low-cost transactions within the Monsta ecosystem, optimised for Blockchain gaming and a crucial foundation for the development of the Infinite Verse

Monsta Scan

Need to check any transactions made with a Monsta Wallet address? Look no further than our very own Monsta Scan!


The only place you need to swap MONI for STT at the best rate! That’s not all! JuggySwap will be transformed to become a one-stop exchange platform for all projects built into the Infinite Verse!

Monsta Launchpad

Monsta Infinite’s very own Launchpad, built to assist new and quality startup projects on funding by token sales without the hassle of going through various other platforms!

Our Noteworthy Achievements & Events

Our Work & Milestones

Q1 2021

Idea Phase
Talent Sourcing

Q2 2021

Smart Contract
Game Logic Planning
Theme and Art Creation

Q3 2021

Website and Whitepaper
Private Sale
Monsta Barter
Contract Audit
Presale 1.0
Gameplay Detail and Strategy
Presale 2.0

Q4 2021
Monsta Wallet
Monsta Bridge
Monsta Scan
Monsta Launchpad
Monsta Chain
First Launchpad Staking
Event, League of Ancients
Q1 2022
Community Weekly Update
Monsta Assembly
Tapwar Closed Alpha Test
Marketplace V1.1.1 released
Q2 2022
Monsta Helpdesk Live
Marketplace V2 Live
Monsta Wallet Extension V2 released
Tapwar Closed Beta
Monsta Wallet released in PlayStore
Q3 2022
Monsta Website UI/UX Revamp
Monsta Tapwar Open Beta Launch
PancakeSwap Core Farm Live
Monsta Wallet release on iOS
Q4 2022

Fortune Crates Sales in Marketplace
Launch of P2E Model in Monsta Tapwar

Coming Soon!
Open World
STT LP Staking Farm

Monsta Team

Jin Tan
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Finance Officer
Hor Kong
CTO / Producer
Marketing Director