Gain Combos, Heal Friends,
& steal the souls of your enemies!

Be the pioneers of Tapwar!

Unlock as many achievements as you possibly can, to reach the top of the Leaderboard to win prizes like xSTT and Soul Points!


Soul Steal


You can now get REVENGE on those soul thieves for stealing your soul points!

You can place a curse on the thief, and the thief needs to fulfil requirements to counter the curse to secure his soul points! If he fails, he'll lose soul points! Time to punish these thief's for stealing all these soul points!

The game is on, fight for the top of the rankings and don't let these thieves get away with it!

Find out more!


You’re going to need all the help to compete in the Leaderboard! Get the edge on your enemies by purchasing these items on the TapShop!


Recharge your Shield so that Soul Steal attacks from your enemies wouldn't be too painful! Make sure your Shield is always at full capacity to reduce as much damage as possible!


Protect yourselves! Fill up your shield to its full potential to reduce your enemy’s damage towards your Souls! There are 2 ways that you can fill your shield up!
  1. Fill up your shield by scoring multiple combos while using the Firewall card! Note that the more Soul Points you attain, the bigger your shield can capacitate!
  2. Purchase a Shield Recharge in Tapshop! Set your allowance in Tapshop and purchase a Shield Recharge whenever your Shield is empty!

Blessings Of Ancestors!

Summon the Blessing of Ancestors! Fill up the Summoning Bar by scoring multiple combos a game and summon the ancestors to assist you in retrieving Runewords! You can also combine the Summoning with your Fortune Crates to receive various item drops!


Runewords are crucial during the Limited Play Campaign! Collect them from Summons and use them to continue your battles when the Limited Play Campaign begins! Remember to horde as many Runewords as possible!

Fortune Crates

Fortune Crates are treasures left by the Monsta Ancestors, awaiting discovery by you, Monsta Warriors! Each of them contain items blessed by the God of Shani, with 5 different rarities; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary!

Each of these treasures are unique and powerful, providing its holders with unimaginable powers that will make a Monsta Warrior formidable in battle! Use these items in Tapwar and be victorious against your enemies!

You can also tribute these items to the God of Shani! When used as tribute, the Monsta Warrior will be rewarded by the God of Shani with the No.1 most powerful resources in Tapwar, STT!