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The monstaverse

Imagine having the option of creating another life; free from the mistakes of the past while building the life you never had, or creating a persona that you wished could be perceived in the real world.

Open World


Players can own assets and purchase land to place their assets. Assets must be crafted from materials collected throughout the world map.‌

Crafting Recipes

Assets will have their predefined functionality in the game for various activities, but recipes are needed to customize looks. It adds an aesthetic layer on top of existing assets, which can be customized to your desire within allowed constraints. Players can design their in-game dream land and share recipes with one another!‌
Adding recipes to objects will increase the material costs, depending on the colors and shapes used in the design. Artists can also sell their designs in the marketplace for other players to use in crafting, allowing players to choose from a variety of themes to decorate their land.‌


Players can give permission to other players to cooperate and contribute assets to their land, allowing others to build together.‌

Hosting Events

Players are allowed to invite others to their land and host a variety of events. The host can initiate party games and social activities in their respective land. The host can choose to give a personal reward to the winner to make the games more competitive and fun, attracting more players to their land. Popular attractions may be featured!